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Head tremor
Head tremor is never a sign of Parkinson’s disease.
•It can be socially very disabling , in particular in patients before the age of 50. it can be a regular side to side oscillation of the head ( no-no tremor) or up-down (yes-yes tremor). It can also be irregular and intermittent.
•It can be part of a familial essential tremor, usually with hand tremor starting around the age of 20 .
•It can be associated with dystonic posture of the head or the hands and called dystonic tremor.

Treatment of tremor with Botox injections

Many types of tremor are resistant to drug treatment. Botox injections can be a valuable therapeutic approach for:

•Head tremor

•Voice tremor

•Writing tremor and other task specific tremor
Dr Marion in her private clinic records the tremor with an electromyogram and selects the muscles which are the leading muscles at the origin of the tremor. The Botox treatment can then be targeted in these muscles.
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