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Parkside Hospital
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My name is Marie-Helene Marion – Botox Specialist

I am a French neurologist working in London as a Botox Specialist. I am also specialised in the treatment of movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease and dystonia.

I am aware that most of my patients have rare disorders, for which the diagnosis is not made or have been delayed for many years. I hope that the information available on this website and on my blog will contribute to an increase awareness, and therefore an early diagnosis and treatment for these conditions. But of course reading information on internet will never replace the benefit of a consultation, where questions are answered in details, following a long interview and a clinical examination.

My interest in movement disorders started in 1981 when I first came to London to study under the late Prof David Marsden. Since that time, I have been working in the field of Parkinson’s disease, being involved in developing continuous infusion techniques and focal dystonia, being the pioneer in France in 1986 for using Botulinum toxin in the treatment of focal dystonia. My experience over the years in these fields has taught me that despite the complexity and the therapeutic challenges, there is always place for hope and that a small improvement can have a big impact on the quality of life of the patient.

Cervical Dystonia

“I have been seeing Doctor Marion for the past two years to treat my Cervical Dystonia. There have been points when I’ve felt very low because of my condition, but having someone that takes the time to get to know you and really understand your situation has made all the difference. Doctor Marion’s approach extends beyond injections to physiotherapy and even general lifestyle tips and advice, including visualisation and mindfulness. I really do feel that she can’t do enough to help her patients and I’d recommend her practice to anyone.”

Laura Aiken, London


“My first consultation/treatment with Dr Marion was in January 2007. I had been diagnosed with blepharospasm in the summer of 2001. For six years I was treated by more than six different consultants with very little result. All injected botulinum toxin of varying quantities and in different sites. My life steadily deteriorated. After my first treatment with Dr Marion my condition improved quite dramatically.

I was able to read books again, and to watch television. I didn’t dread the thought of having to walk to the letter-box to post a letter. I frequently forgot that I had blepharospasm whereas previously it was an overriding factor in everything I did.

Dr Marion has always been an enormous support both to me personally and to the blepharospasm support group which I coordinated from my home for twelve years. The annual presentations she gave were of great interest and always very well attended. And in 2011 Dr Marion founded the British Neurotoxin Network.   Those of us with blepharospasm now have a far better chance of satisfactory treatment.”

Cathy Palmer, Littlehampton

Bell’s palsy

“I had severe Bell’s Palsy on the left side of my face that has left me with some paralysis and muscular tension that is both uncomfortable and disfiguring. Dr Marion has been treating me every four months for the last four years with Botox, mainly to give my face more symmetry and relieve spasm. It has been a life-saver. Before I found her I was very depressed but now I am coping well and people say I look myself again.”

Carolyn, Hampshire

Blepharospasm/Cervical Dystonia/Spasmodic Dysphonia

I have been treated by Dr Marion every twelve weeks since July 2014 for both blepharospasm and cervical dystonia. Subsequently, I developed spasmodic dysphonia and required injections given by Dr Lucy Hicklin, Voice Specialist in the Joint Clinic Dr Marion and Dr Hicklin run at Wilbraham Place. Dr Marion and Dr Hicklin’s knowledge and understanding of the condition, their professionalism and care (I always feel I am in safe hands) is in my opinion the best that can be had in the UK. The patients are treated with respect and are given time to discuss any concerns they may have – this approach is invaluable to patients living with a chronic condition. I have been able to obtain optimal treatment from these two leading experts in their field at one appointment, which is so important to dystonia patients. I know from previous experience this is unavailable elsewhere.”

PMC , Northern Ireland

Blepharospasm and Meige’s Syndrome

“When first I saw Dr Marion I had already had surgery and Botox injections with no benefit.
On my first appointment with Dr. Marion I felt that she cared about my problems and was determined to help me. I am very impressed by the way she works to find exactly the right dose of Botox improve my condition. I am now able to live a much more normal life again thanks to her.”

Joanna Cameron , Henfield, West Sussex

Hemi Facial Spasm

I have been treated by Dr Marie-Helene Marion for the above condition for a few years.

She is undoubtedly the expert, using BOTOX injections for the treatment of hemi facial spasms.
From the very first appointment, she gave me the confidence to proceed with the injections and has taken great care to adjust the dose after the first procedure, as I was very sensitive to the side effects of the drug. She is a very charming lady.
She is one of the pioneers for this condition and I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a consultation.

PZ , London

Hands Excessive Sweating

“I have seen Dr Marion for several years to treat a condition of hyperhidrosis. Dr Marion is one of the most skilful people I have seen and has always taken the time to know me as a patient and ensure the best care is given. She has often gone the extra mile to respond to queries, to research or investigate specific questions and to recommend different treatment options. I would highly recommend Dr Marion to family and friends.”


Head Tremor

“I suffer with Benign Essential Tremor which has over the past years lowered my self esteem dramatically.

Dr. Marion always has listened and understood my worries and insecurities with regard to social outings, and has planned and executed my treatment meticulously which allows me to become much steadier day to day.

I am extremely grateful for her care.”


Headaches caused my displaced Articular Disc Jaw

“Botox treatment was suggested to me after I had tried many potential remedies for debilitating headaches which I had suffered for over many years. Dr Marion was recommended and over a two year period, she administered Botox to the affected area. Each treatment eliminated the headaches for three to four months until a year ago since I have not been treated and the headaches have not returned. During this time I have found Dr Marion to be sympathetic, caring and compassionate.”

Walter, Cobham

The Unique Joint Neuro-ENT Clinic in London for the treatment of
Dystonic Speech, Swallowing and Breathing difficulties.

Dr Marie-Helene Marion and Ms Lucy Hicklin

We have a unique setting in London with ENT Voice Specialist to treat Dystonic patients with :
• Dystonic Voice Disorders ,
• Swallowing Difficulties due to Spasm of the Cricopharyngeal Muscle
• Inspiratory Stridor, due to Laryngeal Spasm.