Bell’s palsy

“I had severe Bell’s Palsy on the left side of my face that has left me with some paralysis and muscular tension that is both uncomfortable and disfiguring. Dr Marion has been treating me every four months for the last four years with Botox, mainly to give my face more symmetry and relieve spasm. It has been a life-saver. Before I found her I was very depressed but now I am coping well and people say I look myself again.”

Carolyn, Hampshire

Blepharospasm and Meige’s Syndrome

“When first I saw Dr Marion I had already had surgery and Botox injections with no benefit.
On my first appointment with Dr. Marion I felt that she cared about my problems and was determined to help me. I am very impressed by the way she works to find exactly the right dose of Botox improve my condition. I am now able to live a much more normal life again thanks to her.”

Joanna Cameron , Henfield, West Sussex

Head Tremor

“I suffer with Benign Essential Tremor which has over the past years lowered my self esteem dramatically.

Dr. Marion always has listened and understood my worries and insecurities with regard to social outings, and has planned and executed my treatment meticulously which allows me to become much steadier day to day.

I am extremely grateful for her care.”


Cervical Dystonia

“I have been seeing Doctor Marion for the past two years to treat my Cervical Dystonia. There have been points when I’ve felt very low because of my condition, but having someone that takes the time to get to know you and really understand your situation has made all the difference. Doctor Marion’s approach extends beyond injections to physiotherapy and even general lifestyle tips and advice, including visualisation and mindfulness. I really do feel that she can’t do enough to help her patients and I’d recommend her practice to anyone.”

Laura Aiken, London

Hemi Facial Spasm

I have been treated by Dr Marie-Helene Marion for the above condition for a few years.

She is undoubtedly the expert, using BOTOX injections for the treatment of hemi facial spasms.
From the very first appointment, she gave me the confidence to proceed with the injections and has taken great care to adjust the dose after the first procedure, as I was very sensitive to the side effects of the drug. She is a very charming lady.
She is one of the pioneers for this condition and I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a consultation.

PZ , London

Hands Excessive Sweating

“I have seen Dr Marion for several years to treat a condition of hyperhidrosis. Dr Marion is one of the most skilful people I have seen and has always taken the time to know me as a patient and ensure the best care is given. She has often gone the extra mile to respond to queries, to research or investigate specific questions and to recommend different treatment options. I would highly recommend Dr Marion to family and friends.”


Blepharospasm/Cervical Dystonia/Spasmodic Dysphonia

I have been treated by Dr Marion every twelve weeks since July 2014 for both blepharospasm and cervical dystonia. Subsequently, I developed spasmodic dysphonia and required injections given by Dr Lucy Hicklin, Voice Specialist in the Joint Clinic Dr Marion and Dr Hicklin run at Wilbraham Place. Dr Marion and Dr Hicklin’s knowledge and understanding of the condition, their professionalism and care (I always feel I am in safe hands) is in my opinion the best that can be had in the UK. The patients are treated with respect and are given time to discuss any concerns they may have – this approach is invaluable to patients living with a chronic condition. I have been able to obtain optimal treatment from these two leading experts in their field at one appointment, which is so important to dystonia patients. I know from previous experience this is unavailable elsewhere.”

PMC , Northern Ireland

Headaches caused my displaced Articular Disc Jaw

“Botox treatment was suggested to me after I had tried many potential remedies for debilitating headaches which I had suffered for over many years. Dr Marion was recommended and over a two year period, she administered Botox to the affected area. Each treatment eliminated the headaches for three to four months until a year ago since I have not been treated and the headaches have not returned. During this time I have found Dr Marion to be sympathetic, caring and compassionate.”

Walter, Cobham


“My first consultation/treatment with Dr Marion was in January 2007. I had been diagnosed with blepharospasm in the summer of 2001. For six years I was treated by more than six different consultants with very little result. All injected botulinum toxin of varying quantities and in different sites. My life steadily deteriorated. After my first treatment with Dr Marion my condition improved quite dramatically.

I was able to read books again, and to watch television. I didn’t dread the thought of having to walk to the letter-box to post a letter. I frequently forgot that I had blepharospasm whereas previously it was an overriding factor in everything I did.

Dr Marion has always been an enormous support both to me personally and to the blepharospasm support group which I coordinated from my home for twelve years. The annual presentations she gave were of great interest and always very well attended. And in 2011 Dr Marion founded the British Neurotoxin Network.   Those of us with blepharospasm now have a far better chance of satisfactory treatment.”

Cathy Palmer, Littlehampton

Living with Parkinson’s Disease and getting one’s life back

“By the time I met Dr. Marion, Parkinson’s had taken over my life: dressing, taking a bath, washing my hair and eating had become major issues every day. Dr. Marion assured me she could help and true to her word within days, the medication she recommended, returned my life to almost ‘normal’ and people are shocked now when I tell them I have Parkinson’s. Before it was obvious!”

PS, London

Bells Palsy

“I was diagnosed with severe Bell’s palsy on the left side of my face over 18 months ago. After seeing a ‘traditional’ neurologist, my physiotherapist recommended I see Dr. Marion. In addition to helping with very carefully- placed botox injections which have had a positive impact on my physical appearance, Dr. Marion’s support has improved my emotional and emotional wellbeing. Dr. Marion is not only an expert in her technical field, she is a great listener and understands the multiple and complex aspects of Bell’s palsy. She seems to consider every case/situation as unique and provides customized support: to her you are a unique patient, not just a number who goes in and out of her practice. I greatly appreciate Dr. Marion’s approach and her extensive knowledge of the problem. I highly recommend Dr. Marion to my friends and family.”

Karin, London

Generalised dystonia

“As someone who has been in and out of the doctor’s office since an early age, I feel like I am allowed to have an opinion on medical care. I have come to Dr. Marion at a very difficult period in my health saga, and found a rare combination of a doctor who is not only brilliant professionally, but who also cares deeply her patients. I am lucky to be under her supervision, because she is someone who won’t stop until she has found a solution. It is not often that I look forward to booking a doctor’s appointment, especially one that involves needles, but Dr. Marion is definitely the exception!”

Anna, London


“After researching the Internet I suspected that I had Blepharospasm. I was treated twice by an ocular surgeon with Botox , this did not work and I was sent to a Neurologist, and spent 9 months being wrongly treated for Ocular Myasthenia Gravis. Nothing was working and I was struggling to work and was depressed.

I sought a third opinion and found Dr Marion

When I walked into the treatment room, she took one look and said, “Yes, you have Blepharospasm” – I was elated – someone was listening to me!! , She observed me in silence and explained how she would approach the treatment and gave me my first set of injections. I felt one thousand per cent better after the injections took effect, but it probably took 4-5 sessions before the optimum positions and quantity of injections was reached. The injections were slightly painful, but one minute of pain for 8-10 weeks of relief was worth it.

We now have a great patient/doctor relationship, we discuss complementary treatments and I feel completely at ease. I control when I have my injections and Dr Marion fits around me. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!

Professional, Caring and great fun!”

Marc, London


“I have been a patient of Dr Marion since 2010. I have lived with blepharospam since 2001, having Botox injections at various NHS clinics where the effect was very variable and usually suffered side effects. By 2010 I was almost functionally blind and was finding work difficult and driving impossible. I decided to seek out an expert neurologist in treating dystonias, and found Dr Marion on the website for Dystonia Society UK, where she is the medical advisor.
Dr Marion’s injection technique is very good and takes great care to target the affected muscles. Pain is minimal and is over very quickly. Dr Marion always lies you down on the couch so it is a more relaxing experience and allows time to recover afterwards. The dose of Botox is calculated according to the effectiveness and is adapted each time if needed.

Without doubt, Dr Marion has changed my life for the better. I can now drive with confidence and work. She has a great sense of humour and is kind and compassionate, always putting you at ease.

She is interested in our lives, and strives to improve the quality of our lives with her tireless activities such as giving lectures and talks at conferences.”

Jane Dixon, Bishop’s Stortford


“Over several years my eyes have felt very dry and uncomfortable. My optician suggested various eye drops but the condition deteriorated. After requesting to see an Ophthalmologist and 5 eye specialists later, no one diagnosed my condition

I decided to enter my symptoms onto the internet and it immediately came up with Blepharospasm. I contacted the Dystonia Society who were very helpful and I also read in detail about Dr Marie-Helene Marion’s work.

My GP referred me to the local Neurologist dealing with movement disorders, she immediately confirmed I had Blepharospasm. I then had 2 lots of botox injections under each eyebrow, one in August 2016, which had no effect, a second in October 2016 along with drugs, but this also had no effect.

The blinking and spasms became even more severe.

By now I was unable to cope and decided to contact Dr Marion’s clinic, where I visited on 14th December 2016. After initial discussions she watched the movement of my eyes with her camera and explained previous injections had been incorrectly targeted.

Dr Marion injected me in the corner of each eyelid close to the lashes.

I left feeling far more hopeful and after 4 days the injections started working and the blinking and spasms stopped. I can contact Dr Marion if I have concerns and she makes me feel reassured. She has also kindly put me in touch with another patient with the same condition.

I am so glad I took the decision to be treated by Dr Marion and will certainly continue to do so.”

Janice, East Midlands

Blepharospasm, ‘resistant’ to treatment by other doctors

I had given up all hope of relief from my blepharospasm when I was recommended to Dr Marion.   I have now been treated successfully by Dr Marion for over 12years. She has used the same form of botulinum toxin as other doctors and injected in similar sites.  I cannot explain why her injections have worked but those administered by a variety of others have not; I can only assume it is her technique. I have suggested to a number of other blepharospasm patients that they go to see her and in most of the cases she has helped them substantially.   I have had my life returned to me; I can now visit the ballet, cinema and watch the television as well as drive again.

Prior to seeing Dr Marion I was treated at 3 other NHS centres for over 5 years, given injections and oral medication. People ask me why I pay for treatment when I could get the same on NHS. I think the above information is self-explanatory.   I am now 72 and look forward to many more years of active life!”

Frances J, Hertfordshire.

Blepharospasm- “A Blinking Nuisance”

“Well at least that’s how I felt when I first thought I had merely got dust in my eyes on Boxing Day 2010. Little was I to know then that I would be sitting anxiously 8 months later in Dr Marion’s rooms in Wilbraham Place facing the prospect of botox injections. Looking back on that intervening period it was nearer a nightmare than a mere nuisance. At one point my excessive blinking became so bad that I couldn’t read, watch the TV or cross the road and walk without guidance. But since finally getting a proper diagnosis and referral to Dr Marion my life has been transformed. It’s not just the safe and gentle pair of hands with the syringe but the complete understanding of the condition which requires both physical and emotional support. A consultation with Dr Marion is much more than a “botox top up” but a total therapeutic and caring experience which has enabled me to live a happy almost normal life- even though I know I have to live with the condition. I cannot thank her enough.”

Val Flack, Hertfordshire