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Treatment of primary hyperhidrosis

When the sweating is affecting many area of the body, anticholinergic ( antimuscarinic type ) drugs such as Oxybutynin( Lyrinel XL) can be advised after checking the absence of contra-indications (glaucoma, gastrointestinal disease, myasthenia). The prescription is done after a review by the GP.
Treatment with Botox injections of excessive sweating is very efficient and can last 6 to 9 months. It certainly advise before any surgery which can be responsible of compensatory sweating, with dry hands or armpits but excessive sweating of the trunk.

About Botox treatment of excessive sweating

Botox injections are an efficient treatement of armpits, hands and facial excessive sweating. The dryness following the Botox injections for excessive sweating last about 5 to 9 months, depending of the severity of the condition. On average, 1 treatment every 6 to 12 months is necessary to control the excessive sweating.
The treatment is effective a week after the injection.
The possible side effects depend of the site of the injections and are all transient. Botox injections into the hands can be associated with a weakness of the grip of the hand. Botox into the forehead can be associated with a frozen forehead with limitation of rising the eyebrows, like after a cosmetic Botox injection.Botox contra-indications are detailed in the website in the Botox section.
We don’t perform a iodine starch-test before injecting a patient for hyperhydrosis. We perform it only in very localised sweating like the facial sweating after parotidectomy (Frey’s syndrome)