Dr Marion is a specialist in excessive sweating of the hands in London

Palmar-plantar hyperhidrosis is an excessive sweating of the palms of the hands and of the feet.

Hands sweating is often noticed by the child at the age of 5 when learning to write. The hand and the fingers are damp or wet, making difficult to grip the pen and leaving wet marks on the paper. It becomes a social burden when shaking hands and can interfere with manual skills. The stigma of damp hands, clammy hands is psychologically devastating.

Feet sweating is noted later when the feet are slipping in open sandals in the summer. Wet socks in closed shoes are often accepted by the patient who believes that it’s the normality.

Treatment of hands sweating with Botox injections

The patient and the doctor are sitting on each side of the examining bed, used as a table. Each hand is “frozen” by asking the patient to hold a pack of ice for few minutes. When the patient feels that his hands are numb, the injections can start. Before every injection, Ethyl chloride is sprayed on the site of the injection.

An injection of 250 units Dysport or 100 units Botox or Xeomin is injected into each palm, divided into 15 sites.

The treatment session last 30 minutes but the injections it selves take only 10 minutes to perform on each side.

All the injections are performed by Dr Marion, who has a long experience in the treatment.

There is no bleeding and the patient can go back to work after the treatment. The patient is asked to be gentle when using his hands during that day ( no gardening, no heavy cleaning duty, no heavy manual works)

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Read more about Dr Marion’s: research on: http://www.londonbtxcentre.co.uk/hyperhindrosis.htm

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