Dr Marion specialises in excessive sweating of the face and scalp in London.

What is Facial sweating?

Facial sweating can start very early in life. The sweating can be localised in the forehead and the sweat drips down along the face. The excessive sweating can also affects the nose, the cheek and the upper lip. Patients avoid common transport, and hot confined spaces like bar and nightclubs. Scalp sweating can be so severe that the hair become wet, in particular in the back of the neck. Patients loose self confidence. Excessive sweating of the face and scalp responds well to botox treatment.

Treatment of facial and scalp sweating
  • The injections of the face can be directed along the hair line, into the forehead and into the nose wings and upper lip depending of the patient’s description of the sweating and what seen on examination during the consultation.
  • The injections into the scalp are directed into the back of the scalp.
  • The injections can also involved the back of the neck along the hairline.
  • Doses injected are variable, depending of the sweating pattern. The side effects can be a frozen forehead, a droopy eyebrow or a loss of facial expression. They are rare and always transient, lasting about 4 weeks.

Dr Marion has a large experience in this procedure with specialised hyperhidrosis clinics at St George’ Hospital for 10 years.

Cranio-facial hyperhidrosis also benefit from using Glycopyrrolate cream for controlling the facial sweating; Dr Marion will order it for each individual patient as it’s a name patient basis prescription.

Read more about Dr Marion’s: research on : http://www.londonbtxcentre.co.uk/hyperhindrosis.htm

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