Axillae hyperhidrosis described excessive sweating of the armpits; it’s usually starts in the teens at puberty and is responsible of great embarrassment due to sweat marks under the arms. The patient wears only dark clothes, feels ashamed and keeps their jacket all day at school and at work , even in summer to hide the excessive sweating of their armpits.

Botox treatment of axillae sweating; What is the procedure?

A grid with 15 squares is drawn with a skin pencil ( like an eyeliner pen), on each armpits.

An injection of 250 units Dysport or 100 units Botox or Xeomin is injected in each armpit, divided in 15 sites ( one injection in each square).

A spray of Ethylchloride can be used for the pain, but usually it’s not required.

The treatment session last 30 minutes but the injections it selves take only 10 minutes to perform on each side.

All the injections are performed by Dr Marion, who has a long experience in the treatment.

There is no bleeding and the patient can go back to work after the treatment.

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