Spasmodic dysphonia London specialist in a joint clinic Neuro-ENT

Dr Marion and Ms Lucy Hicklin have a unique setting in London with joint clinic to treat dystonic patients with voice problems.
Dr MH Marion Neurologist

Dr Marie-Helene Marion

Ms Lucy Hicklin

Dr Marion in the 90s worked with ENT surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon at the Fondation Rotschild in Paris and developed procedure to treat:
  • dystonic voice disorders,
  • swallowing difficulties due to spasm of the cricopharyngeal muscle
  • inspiratory stridor, due to laryngeal spasm.

Since 2005, Dr Marion has established a monthly joint ENT-Neuro clinic in London, both at St George’s Hospital and at Wilbraham place practice with Ms Lucy Hicklin, ENT surgeon and voice specialist. This is a unique set up in London which allows the patient to benefit from a multidisciplinary approach.

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